March 21, 2015 marked the first Annual International SK Day.  We hope that next year will be even better, spreading to more countries!

Here are a few of the events around the world…

In Russia: “Congratulations with our professional holiday!
This year for the first time we in Russia  have celebrated the International Day of Kinesiologists. There were master classes, presentations in different cities. We put all the information on our site and people could see where to go. Our kinesiologists were happy to have this possibility to speak about kinesiology.
There are some fotos from different cities.
All our kinesiologists  send you the best wishes and congratulations with our Day!
With respect, Irina Chobanu”

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In Canada: SK Practitioner and Instructor Alexis Costello organized an event in Kelowna, BC where four Touch for Health Practitioners performed free 14-muscle balances on volunteers in a health food store.  Almost 40 people were balanced and many more learned about how TFH works and how amazing SK work can be.  On the other end of the country in Peterborough ON, Linda Clark set up a table at a local festival where she provided experiential demos of muscle energy testing, stress release, and eyesight.

In Denmark: The Association’s AGM was held on that day and 35 Specialized Kinesiologists gathered together to work on a vision for SK in the world.

Hopefully next year is bigger and better and the vision can spread around the world!

TFH demos at Nature's Fare in Kelowna, BC Canada

TFH demos at Nature’s Fare in Kelowna, BC Canada