SabinePresident: Sabine Rosen
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Nationality: Swedish
Born in: 1969

I combine the techniques as a kinesiologist with knowledge and experiences as a nutritionist, fytotherapist, massage therapist, nurse and acupuncturist. I started with kinesiology 1994.

Kinesiology modalities: In 1994-1996 I did a vocational training to hold a diploma as a kinesiologist. We had teachers from several continents with different modalities.
Several techniques I use today coming from Richard Utt; Applied Physiology, 7 qi keys, Tao of Blood and other ways to work with his three- dimensional 7-element-theory.

I have had my practice since 1991 and do about 30 kinesiology treatments every week. I love it, and feel very humble to have the possibility to really meet other people on a deep level.

MarcoVice-President: Marco Rado
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Nationality: Italian
Marco Rado is a physical therapist, who started studying Kinesiology 20 years ago and, after studying many different approaches, he has specialized in the Applied Physiology branch of Kinesiology (which he was the first to introduce in Italy). He has deepened his studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Manual Medicine, like Osteopathy and Facial Manipulation. Since 2003 he has developed his own classes, integrating western science and eastern traditional knowledge. Now he’s focusing on the Heart-Brain Interaction and the Energy aspects of the Heart.

“I would like to deepen the contact between associations, especially those from Europe, to work together to have kinesiology recognized directly by the European Parliament as a profession”


Inge HarrisTreasurer: Inge Harris

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Nationality Danish

Born in 1954

Initially trained as a secretary (languages).

Started with kinesiology in 1984 after having completed training as a naturopath and reflexologist, later as a healer. Good knowledge of nutrition and nutritional supplements.

Kinesiology modalities: Touch for Health, One Brain (3 in 1 concepts), Biokinesiology, Blueprint, the Brain, Yin Yang.

I love to do energy work with clients using kinesiology as a feedback mechanism. I am happy to be a member of IASK (2014) being part of an international atmosphere exchanging ideas and knowledge in the field of kinesiology.






Secretary: Nicolette Peyre

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Nationality : French
Born in 1954.

Initially trained as a Conference interpreter, she came to Belgium to work as
a free-lance interpreter for the European Commission in 1989.
Started with Kinesiology : 1989
IASK member since 1994 and active in the Board since 2000.

Kinesiology Modalities : One Brain (3 in 1 Concepts), Touch for Health,
Edu-K, Applied Physiology, SIPS, Blueprint (Educating Alternatives),
Systemic Kinesiology ….

Although used to international meetings as an
interpreter, I am new to friendly informal gatherings and enjoying every
minute of it. With a team of Board members who are motivated and
productive as well as warm and having a good sense of humour, I find
working for IASK highly gratifying ! I look forward to getting to know you
at the next Conference.

me1lowAlexisBoard Member:Alexis Costello

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Nationality: Canadian

Natural Health Practitioner Alexis Costello uses tools such as specialized kinesiology, Stress Indicator Point System (SIPS), Neural Organizational Technique (N.O.T), Bach Flower Essences, massage, herbs and nutrition to get to the root of your health concerns and create an individualized program.  She owns Happily Holistic Natural Health and Wellness in Kelowna BC;

Alexis is a Touch for Health instructor, SIPS Instructor and creator of the GEMS program who also facilitates Bach Flower Essence workshops, K for Kids Playshops and healthy creative cooking classes.  She is President of the Canadian Association of Specialized Kinesiology (CanASK). She is a freelance writer whose work appears in Health Action Network Society (HANS) magazine and OKinHealthregularly

I am mother of three: 13-year-old twins and a toddler.  When I work too much in my office, I need to spend time in my garden and play in the dirt to re-balance.


Joe KevelighanBoard Member: Joe Kevelighan
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Nationality: Irish
Former Chairperson of KAI  (until March, 8 2014)



Board Member: Sylvie Averseng

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Nationality: French

Born in: 1966

Initially trained as a registered nurse since 1989 then as a sophrologist, certified in mental preparation for athletes ; Kinesiologist since 2003, holder of a Univerity Diploma in sexology since 2010.

A member of IASK since 2009, board member and then Treasurer between 2011 and 2014

Kinesiology modalities: Brain Gym, Touch for Health, Three in One Concept, Adaptogenesis.

To be actively involved in an international association is very important to me. Meeting practitioners from all around the world allows you to expand your mind and to share knowledge which can only improve each other’s well being.      


LydiaBoard Member: Lydia Bose

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Nationality: German
Born in: 1962

Started with kinesiology in 1998. Continuing training in different kinesiology methods for instructor licenses.
My offer is a 3-year kinesiology training for a professional work with kinesiology in Düsseldorf.
Therapists, medical doctors and Heilpraktiker chose the 200h training Medical-Therapeutically Kinesiology.

For the DGAK in Germany I was 9 years at the board and at the moment I work in the  position of the DGAK Managing Director.
My input for the IASK is based on my experience to work for organizations. It is a matter of heart for me to work with my international colleagues for our method and profession kinesiology. 



Adam Head Shot (Hi Rez)Board Member: Adam H. Lehman,

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Nationality: American

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Nationality: USA

Adam Lehman has been involved with kinesiology and related healing art forms for over 30 years. He is Founder/Director of the Institute of BioEnergetic Arts & Sciences in Sonoma, California (, and Founder/President of the non-profit Energy Kinesiology Awareness Council (

Having had the privilege of studying with many of the founders in the field, Adam uses the integrative power of Kinesiology/muscle monitoring to help you achieve your wellness goals and live as if each moment is the best moment of their life. As a long time instructor and presenter, Adam is known for his energetic and humorous style, and his ability to make even difficult topics easy to understand and put into practical use.

Adam is an International Advanced Instructor and Instructor Trainer of Applied Physiology, as well as an instructor of many other kinesiology modalities. He has also created his own kinesiology training program – Become a BioLinguist™  – as well as many individual trainings such as Holographic Touch for Health™, Working With the Living Matrix, a Sentics Approach to Balancing Amygdala Emotions, and more. Adam is honored to be on the board of IASK and working with an esteemed group of international colleagues to help achieve the goals of the organization.

“I just love sharing Kinesiology with others! I’m passionate about raising awareness of this incredible integrative tool, and I get excited as I see the light bulbs of my students go off when they “get it” and start putting to use their skills to help others. I also love the sense of community in this extraordinary field – I have amazing friends all over the world whom I respect and have so much fun with! I would not be the person I am today without this amazing work!”



Member of the Board  of Advisors: Annemarie Goldschmidt
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Nationality: Danish
Born in 1935

Initially trained as a registered nurse and relaxation therapist.
Started with Kinesiology in 1980
IASK member since 1990 and active in the Board since 1993.

Kinesiology Modalities : Paedagogical Kinesiology, One Brain (3 in 1
Concepts), Blueprint (Educating Alternatives), Touch For Health, DNA, the
Brain –our greatest resource…

I love to teach classes and work with clients. I am good in
communication skills and therefore happy to be involved in different jobs
as Board member and Coordinator.


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