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President: Sabine Rosen

Nationality: Swedish

Born in: 1969

I combine the techniques as a kinesiologist with knowledge and experiences as a nutritionist, fytotherapist, massage therapist, nurse and acupuncturist. I started with kinesiology 1994.

Kinesiology modalities: In 1994-1996 I did a vocational training to hold a diploma as a kinesiologist. We had teachers from several continents with different modalities. Several techniques I use today coming from Richard Utt; Applied Physiology, 7 qi keys, Tao of Blood and other ways to work with his three- dimensional 7-element-theory.

I have had my practice since 1991 and do about 30 kinesiology treatments every week. I love it, and feel very humble to have the possibility to really meet other people on a deep level.”

Vice President: Lee-Anne MacLeod

Nationality: Western Australian, lives in Perth

IASK Vice President Board Member – 
Nationality: Western Australian, lives in Perth. 

Specialist Kinesiologist Level 6 AKA (Australia). Lee-Anne’s vision, innovativeness and ability to initiate, think laterally and complete tasks with precision and inclusiveness, is a rare and valued combination of skills for any individual or organisation.

Founder and Director of Natural Quantum Healing NQH and Neuro-K Neuro Kinesiology
Retired President – Australian Kinesiology Association and Brain Gym Australia
Passionate Kinesiology clinician and is beginning to now teach and share her life’s work as International Diplomas in Natural Quantum Healing and Neuro-K Kinesiology. 

Starting her Professional life as an international Ballerina gave Lee-Anne a deep appreciation of the human body, its abilities and energies not easily explained by science. She then ran a successful Dance college (J.S. Dance College) teaching classical ballet and performance in a way that ensured students bodies were respected and not damaged by the training. Lee-Anne felt very drawn to the healing arts and in particular, felt like she had come home in encountering Kinesiology.

Lee-Anne has studied Kinesiology since 1998.  Travelling the world, with a passion for learning, she’s been privileged to learn from the founders of most Kinesiology Modalities. With this depth of study, she’s integrated her life and technical skills with many other health modalities. Her acquired   expansive knowledge base combined with her 30 years of clinical research, plus her passion for new and improved systems has led Lee-Anne to develop NeuroK, (Neuro Kinesiology). To date NeuroK has been taught exclusively to classes of specialist medical Doctors in Asia. NeuroK is an integrative healing system that makes sense in any language and is applicable with all skill levels including students.

I’m passionate about my clinical work, learning, research and taking Kinesiology to the world. If we all share our skills by empowering others, the world will be a healthier, happier and more consciously aware place. What an exciting world we live in!

Treasurer: Lisbeth Ingeman Sørensen

Nationality: Danish

Born in 1973.

A student of kinesiology since 2016 and a certified kinesiologist since december 2018, I have been very fortunate to learn from some of the best and most experienced teachers, especially Annemarie Goldschmidt. I am initially a teacher, have a MA in Philosophy of Education and have worked with children, young people and families for many years.

I work with clients in the area of Copenhagen and give presentations on kinesiology.

Kinesiology modalities: Paedagogical Kinesiology 1 and 2, Blue Print and Healing Principles (Educating Alternatives), Kropsafbalancering/Touch for Health, Holographic Touch for Health, The Brain – Our greatest resource 1, Transforming DNA Memories, Return to Love, Balancing Nutrition and Toxicity.

Instructor of: Paedagogical Kinesiology 1 and 2, Paedagogical Kinesiology for Teachers, Transforming DNA Memories and Return to Love.

I believe kinesiology has a lot to offer the world of today. In Denmark we talk a lot about how to live more sustainably, and in my opinion you can not have outer sustainability without working with inner sustainability and balance. Through kinesiology we can balance our ”inner climate” so we can experience ourselves as part of a greater environment and know how to take care of it.

Secretary: Emma Acquarone

Nationality: Italian

Born: 1971

Originally trained as an environmental engineer, Emma moved to Germany where she gave in to her passion for kinesiology. She has a formal training in Kinesiology of the Brain from the IAK in Kirchzarten, and combines working in her practice with giving (and receiving) seminars and presentations.
Kinesiology modalities: Applied Physiology, Neuroenergetic Kinesiology, LEAP, Integrated Physiology, Vibrational Healing Systems, SIPS, Touch for Health, Edu-K
I cannot imagine my life without kinesiology. What a blessing it was back then to have “found” it! I love spreading the K word and love being a part of a creative, fun and international group like IASK!

Alexis Costello

Board Member: Alexis Costello

Nationality: Canadian, currently living is Costa Rica, IASK Board Member since 2013

Former owner of Happily Holistic and President of the Canadian Association of Specialized Kinesiology, Alexis moved to Costa Rica in 2016 to explore permaculture and holistic living. www.alexiscostello.com

Alexis is an international speaker and teacher, instructing classes in Touch for Health (including the Trainer program and Proficiency assessments), SIPS, and is the creator of the GEMS classes. She has offered keynote presentations for Touch for Health and IKC conferences, loves teaching others and making people laugh. Publisher of the online journal KinesioGeek Magazine (www.gemskinesiology.com)

I believe we can make Specialized Kinesiology stronger and more recognizable by working together and having fun.

Marco RadoBoard Member: Marco Rado

Nationality: Italian

Marco Rado is a physical therapist, who started studying Kinesiology 20 years ago and, after studying many different approaches, he has specialized in the Applied Physiology branch of Kinesiology (which he was the first to introduce in Italy).

He has deepened his studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Manual Medicine, like Osteopathy and Facial Manipulation. Since 2003 he has developed his own classes, integrating western science and eastern traditional knowledge. Now he’s focusing on the Heart-Brain Interaction and the Energy aspects of the Heart.

I would like to deepen the contact between associations, especially those from Europe, to work together to have kinesiology recognized directly by the European Parliament as a profession”

Board Member: Lydia Bose

Nationality: German

Born in: 1962

Started with kinesiology in 1998. Continuing training in different kinesiology methods for instructor licenses.

My offer is a 3-year kinesiology training for a professional work with kinesiology in Düsseldorf.

Therapists, medical doctors and Heilpraktiker chose the 200h training Medical-Therapeutically Kinesiology.

For the DGAK in Germany I was 9 years at the board and for 3 years DGAK chairwoman. At the moment I work in the  position of the DGAK Managing Director.

My input for the IASK is based on my experience to work for organizations. It is a matter of heart for me to work with my international colleagues for our method and profession kinesiology.

Board Member: Francesca Simeon

Director of studies, responsible for academic planning. Teacher and attend private sessions. Mother of four children and grandmother of four grandchildren, although it seems that I do not spend much time, for me the family is very important. Bachelor in Psychology, practicing kinesiologist since 1990, Kinesiology instructor Touch for Health, entitled “International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice”, instructor of Brain Gym. Developer and responsible for “kinesiology of human behavior and relationships”. Degree in acupuncture from the University of Santiago de Compostela. Higher degree in psycho-energetic kinesiology from the Real Centro Universitario Maria Cristina. Diploma in manual lymphatic drainage, Vodder method, homeopathy. Expert in floral essences and gems. Former faculty member of Three in One Concepts formed in Burbank, California. Author of different books on the subject.

Board Member: Kate North

Nationality: South African living in Britain

Kate has a medical background in Occupational Therapy and has studied several different alternative health practices before specialising in Kinesiology.  The focus of her work is on mental and emotional health, and stress related physical conditions and she enjoys exploring the stories, emotions and life experiences that impact on people’s health and unconsciously direct their reactions and choices.

Kinesiology Modalities: Touch for Health, NeuroTraining & Neural Organisational Technique form the base of my work with many other courses woven in-between.

Annemarie Goldschmidt

Member of the Board  of Advisors: Annemarie Goldschmidt

Nationality: Danish

Born in 1935

Initially trained as a registered nurse and relaxation therapist.
Started with Kinesiology in 1980
IASK member since 1990 and active in the Board since 1993.

Kinesiology Modalities : Paedagogical Kinesiology, One Brain (3 in 1
Concepts), Blueprint (Educating Alternatives), Touch For Health, DNA, the Brain –our greatest resource…

I love to teach classes and work with clients. I am good in communication skills and therefore happy to be involved in different jobs as Board member and Coordinator.

Nicolette Peyre

Member of the Board  of Advisors: Nicolette Peyre

Nationality : French

Born in 1954.

Started with Kinesiology : 1989

Initially trained as a Conference interpreter, she came to Belgium to work as a free-lance interpreter for the European Commission in 1989.
IASK member since 1994 and active in the Board since 2000.

Kinesiology Modalities : One Brain (3 in 1 Concepts), Touch for Health, Edu-K, Applied Physiology, SIPS, Blueprint (Educating Alternatives), Systemic Kinesiology ….

Although used to go to international meetings as an interpreter, I was new to friendly informal gatherings and have been enjoying every minute of it. With a team of Board members who are motivated and productive as well as warm and having a good sense of humour, I find working for IASK highly gratifying! I look forward to getting to know you at the next Conference.

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